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For the longest time, Emmy had thought Clemency to have a heart made of stone. Cold, unyielding. But the past few days had shown her more sympathetic side. Even if the woman still had a brusque manner about her. She had been good to Emmy in Luce's absence. Bringing her meals, helping her get around as needed, and supplying her with enough games and puzzles for entertainment. That last part, however, was infuriating. Clemency was always pushy in her insistence. And solving the damn puzzles was not an offer, rather a command. Clemency probably meant well, but she had obviously forgotten that Emmy had just lost her dominant hand, and with it the required dexterity to maneuver finicky puzzle blocks. In her frustration, Emmy had snapped at Clemency, prompting the latter to storm off after a verbal lashing.
"You ungrateful brat," were the last words she had said, and Emmy hadn't seen her since. And that had been two
:iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 3 2
Worse For Wear by ArmyofNine Worse For Wear :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 6 6 What Was All Of It For? by ArmyofNine What Was All Of It For? :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 8 3 I Don't Wanna Cry by ArmyofNine I Don't Wanna Cry :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 7 9
Look who's here
It's you, dear
Why, aren't you shaking with fear!
Stand with me
Fight with me
You know this is right and you can't deny
If I have to run, then what's the use?
This is the fate that I have to choose
I'll give you one try
You will join me or die
You know this is what I was meant to do
Now what happens next is all on you
Don't touch me
Don't test me
You won't like it when I'm angry
Turn back now
I'll win somehow
Let's cut all the crap and get to the chase
If I have to fight, then that's what I'll do
You carved out a path that you can't undo
I give you this chance
Go home, change your stance
Maybe learn to practice what you preach
Forgiveness is still within your reach
It's not too late to change your mind
Join me
Go home
You already know my answer
If this is what you want, so shall it be
You and I are nothing but history
I gave you your chance
To end this sad dance
You're a fool not to realize
Now you're damned in my eyes
:iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 2 2
Cognitive Dissonance by ArmyofNine Cognitive Dissonance :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 3 6 Rori Icon by ArmyofNine Rori Icon :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 5 13 The Kids Aren't All Right by ArmyofNine The Kids Aren't All Right :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 3 18 Ruby Rose Icon (F2U) by ArmyofNine Ruby Rose Icon (F2U) :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 6 8 Blinking Potato by ArmyofNine Blinking Potato :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 6 10 At Peace by ArmyofNine At Peace :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 9 6 Handwriting Meme by ArmyofNine Handwriting Meme :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 1 13 #3 by ArmyofNine #3 :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 7 12 Centipeetle Icon (F2U) by ArmyofNine Centipeetle Icon (F2U) :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 8 2 Wat Even by ArmyofNine Wat Even :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 7 4 Lost Princess Adopt (OPEN) by ArmyofNine Lost Princess Adopt (OPEN) :iconarmyofnine:ArmyofNine 12 8


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I'm Nurul. I ask questions that make people uncomfortable. Be prepared.


Well actually I just ask about OCs and their stories. I like stories. Especially good ones. I can be blunt and brutally honest, though. Engage if you're willing to have a fruitful discussion where everyone can learn something. I will not do asspats, and I desire none either.

Also K-pop and K-drama trash. You have been warned.

Currently watching: It's Okay, It's Love.

Oh yeah. I'm growing a potato army. If you feel generous, please donate to my cause by posting potatoes to my profile. Kthanxbai.

If you want stuff from me:

Point Commission Info: Point Commission Info (OPEN)
Important Information (Please read before commissioning me)
My works are for personal use only. You have my permission to reupload them to your gallery/website/whatever as long as you provide proper credit. DO NOT USE ANY OF MY WORK FOR PROFIT.
Do not edit my work without my explicit permission.I have the right to decline your request if I'm not comfortable with it.
I will show you preliminary sketches for all commissions except simple sketches without shading and pixel icons. You can ask for things to be adjusted then.
Do not pay me until I tell you to.
I will show WIPs of your commission upon request.Complicated character designs may cost extra.I can do rush jobs and can complete your commission within a day provided communication is fast. I generally don't charge extra if you're

Request box: Request BoxOh man this is like a deathwish lmao. Okay, maybe it would be more accurate to call this an "inspiration/suggestion box" rather than a request box, because this isn't really a formal request thing. This is for when I'm low on inspiration or blocked, or if I want to experiment with things. This is technically always open, although I won't actively be working on them. Bear in mind that I have my own personal projects, and I also prefer to work on commissions. All right, without further ado, here's how things work:
Things to keep in mind:
I won't accept every request, so no demands. If you want a guaranteed piece done for you, I have commissions here.I won't tell you if I've declined/accepted your request, and I won't ask for further information. Therefore please include as much information about the character(s) in your request as possible. I also won't check if the references are outdated/if you have updated or changed the design of
So I had a forum post going on looking for deviations with a red theme. And coincidentally, Cuine finished my commission pretty quickly, and it fits well with the red motif. I figured it's a good time as any for a feature.

Here's the commission:

Pulse by Cuine

I was definitely over the moon when I saw the finished product. I love how my character came out, from the confident stance and gaze to her facial features. I also absolutely love the smoke effects. Cuine really did an amazing job, so I definitely recommend her for commissions.

And on to the things that caught my eye in the forum thread, in no particular order:

I've been listening to a bunch of stuff that makes me think of the two, so I'm just gonna make a list for my own convenience. Will eventually do this with my other characters once I have more time. Songs are more or less arranged according to plot progression. Some lyrics may not be a perfect fit, but that's to be expected. Will add more later.

  1. Maximum - DBSK

  2. Platonic - Flyleaf

  3. What If - Tokio Hotel

  4. Goodbye Summer - f(x) ft. D.O

  5. Loud Noises - Yuna

  6. Crooked - G-Dragon

  7. Rette Mich - Tokio Hotel

  8. First Love - After School

  9. Reasons - The Nearly Deads

  10. Keep Your Head Down - DBSK

  11. Betting Everything - Royal Pirates

  12. Collide - Normandie

  13. Second Go - LIGHTS

Other than rants, I don't really feel inspired to write much these days. I haven't been writing regularly since ... 2012, maybe? And I think I need to work on changing that. Especially considering the fact that I want to write my stories eventually, and in order to undertake long projects, I need to get used to writing again. But anyway, if anyone knows of a good list of prompts to get me going, feel free to drop some suggestions.

Alternatively, here are my OC line ups. Let me know if there's anyone in particular you'd like to have me write about.
Pulse OC Line Up (WIP) by ArmyofNine Overconfident by ArmyofNine Insensate OC Line Up (WIP) by ArmyofNine It's Gonna Hurt by ArmyofNine

And yeah, I'm still doing the drawing meme things. Just not as quickly since I have other commitments. Also have to get to studying for exams soon.
I'm posting from the app right now, so yeah. My weather app tells me it's 27 degrees here, but I'm pretty certain that it's closer to 30-something. It's sunny and it's fucking hot. In other parts of the world it's probably time for summer break. Not in Germany. It's the summer semester, which means no, I don't get a four-month-long vacation. I get to go to classes in hot and stuffy lecture halls. Tuition here may be free, but this is the trade-off. I'm starting to see why other people have long summer vacations. Summer isn't really the ideal time for learning. But. I don't really have a choice in this. Gotta keep going. Only way to get free is to finish this. Here we go then.


Little shoutout to Chikara-Redwing for helping me work out some of the genetics for Insensate. Long story short (since I don't plan to go in detail) whether or not you're a witch is determined by two genes, one that allows for sensing magic, and another for using it. It's possible for there to be insensates who can sense magic but not use it, so the term "insensate" for non-magical people can be a bit of a misnomer, but witches generally don't acknowledge the existence of such insensates. At least not until you get one who can read sigils and present a problem when they decide to become a hacktivist.

Also some of Kara's gene stuff for her cool story because I'm not lying when I say genes are her thing:
Esarian Genetics Extended by Chikara-Redwing
And other cool stuff she comes up with (yes I'm pimping now shh):
Arecacen Creature Cards: Dragon Croc by Chikara-Redwing Uses of Siphoid Resonance Part 4: Computers by Chikara-Redwing Arecacen Creature Cards: Barclayan Crabster by Chikara-Redwing Crytpid Meetup by Chikara-Redwing
Malaysian kids growing up in Germany: *sing Tannenbaum during Eid*
Eid Mubarak to those celebrating.
Tfw you signed up for a closed alpha not expecting to get access but got a key. There goes my life :')

I actually like this better than the album version. Also Joshua needs more lines.
If you know me well, you'll probably notice that I like to abuse semicolons. Even when I program, errors crop up because I keep putting semicolons where they don't belong.
In this day and age where ctrl+c and ctrl+v makes for a convenient life, there exists people with copy and paste personalities. They ctrl+c and ctrl+v whatever they like onto their profiles, only changing certain words to fit themselves. The phrasing and sentence structure remains the same, even though they don't actually write or talk like that. This sometimes makes them look smarter than they actually are. But in reality, they're really just shallow and need to imitate others in order to seem remotely interesting. I mean I get finding things that eloquently express something you agree with, but you make quotes out of those, not spit them out verbatim and pretend they're your own words.
In latest Insensate news, Will has suddenly decided he's gay for Eustace. No Will. Bad. :stare: You can't have either of the twins. You maimed one and shot the other. What the fuck is wrong with you.
Writing with no consideration for what you're writing about is narrow-minded. Only skimming through research material without shedding your preconceived ideas isn't real research. You want to write about something, you try to understand the subject from all perspectives, even if you do have a certain stance on it. Keep an open mind. And if what you find doesn't line up with what you want to write, you work with what you've got. You don't stubbornly cling to what's wrong.

Man do I feel ranty today. Inb4 Nurul is a preachy bitch.


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